Mesh Quality Analysis

Mesh Quality Analysis
Input files:

Mesh (.ELE and .Node-files, or .SHP-file) , DEM as .BIL-file, Velocity distribution .VEC-file after first calculations

Output files:

Saved in the folder of the input mesh.

[Inputfile]+.qual.csv   …   Mesh statistics

[Inputfile]+.qual.shp   …   Mesh with per cell quality information

Further explanation can be found in Chapter 6 of [...]

Create Streamlines with Velocity Field files

Create Streamlines with Velocity Field files

Give a .VEC-file with velocity field information and a cross section as .SHP-file of the river which is almost orthogonally flow through.

The resulting streamlines are placed in the same folder as the input .VEC-file.

Velocity Vectors and Streamlines


Approximated discharge between 2 streamlines at the given cross section.

Attention: As TINs and [...]

Probe Results

Probe Results

Load a mesh and multiple parameter layers, which provide one value per cell each.

Provide a file with points or lines.

For each point or each line point the values of each mesh data layer are written in a .CSV-file

This is an easy way to get cross sections [...]

Create Velocity Vector Arrows

Create Velocity Vector Arrows

Creates a .SHP-file with arrows in direction of flow, based on .VEC-file information. The arrow length depends on the magnitude. E.g. 1m/s generates an 1 meter long arrow.  For better visibility the length of the vectors can be scaled by the magnitude length multiplicator.

Option 1:  Only 1 arrow in the middle of [...]

Refine an existing MESH

Refine an Existing Mesh

An existing mesh,  given with .ELE + .NODE + .POLY files will be refined according to one of the following options until the maximum number of refinement steps is reached.

Option 1:  Refine a mesh dependent to already known velocity distributions and water level information

velocity and water level informations can be given as [...]


Convert Triangle Files (.ELE,  .NODE,  .POLY)  to  .SHP-files

Add attributes from multiple files as LAYERS for the .SHP-files


Add a LAYER with the approx. TIME STEP limit according to the Courant-Friedrich-Levy (CFL) -criteria for each cell

Add 1 depth file (.NODE)
Add 1 velocity distribution file (.VEC)


Convert .SHP files  to Triangle-files (.ELE + .NODE + .POLY)

This is not just a simple converter. It enables mapping, exclusion and substitution filters. For every single cell.


Add Elevation Values from DEM (if a .BIL-file or a FOLDER with multiple files is given)


Don’t convert cells

PROP >   C …  [layer property of  input .SHP-file]   >  C  [...]