Create Velocity Vector Arrows

Create Velocity Vector Arrows

Creates a .SHP-file with arrows in direction of flow, based on .VEC-file information. The arrow length depends on the magnitude. E.g. 1m/s generates an 1 meter long arrow.  For better visibility the length of the vectors can be scaled by the magnitude length multiplicator.

Option 1:  Only 1 arrow in the middle of [...]

Convert mesh to grid

Convert Mesh to Grid and Subtract another Grid (optional)

Attributes from various files will be assigned to triangles of a mesh. The mesh,  given with .ELE + .NODE  files  will be rasterized and saved as .BIL-file(s) in an output folder. The distance between 2 grid points in x or y direction is given by [...]


Convert .SHP files  to Triangle-files (.ELE + .NODE + .POLY)

This is not just a simple converter. It enables mapping, exclusion and substitution filters. For every single cell.


Add Elevation Values from DEM (if a .BIL-file or a FOLDER with multiple files is given)


Don’t convert cells

PROP >   C …  [layer property of  input .SHP-file]   >  C  [...]

DEM Conversion

Convert Digital Elevation Models into .BIL-FILES

Use single files or whole folders.

If your Elevation Data is stored in files other then 32 BIT – .BIL (Band Interleaved by Line), you can convert your data easily by using the GDAL Library (