The free trial version is limited to project files with 2000 nodes.

This should be suitable for any kind of testing all features with the provided test datasets.

For commercial or academic use please register.

How to Register:

After downloading and installing the free trial version, a message box will ask you for a license key.

You’ll get a unique authentication key, only valid for your computer.

After your payment is processed, you’ll find a valid license key in your mailbox.


The Single User License fee is 99 Euro without time limit and without support.

Payment options:

  • Bank Transfer

Please send your payment to:

Uwe Merkel
99 Eur
IBAN:  DE33660908000004104102
Designated use 1:  “your authentication key”
Designated use 1:  “your email”
  • PayPal

The fast and safe option.

1. Enter your Authentication Key.

2. Enter your Email Address.

3. Press the “Pay with PayPal” Button to proceed with

Your PayPal Shopping Card will contain every necessary information.