Mesh Generator (Main Window)

A Mesh is generated with the following steps.

  1. Breaklines and hole polygones are generalized
    • includes intersection points for crossing break lines
    • close neighbours / twin points are united to avoid sliver polygons and midget triangles
    • removes duplicate points and breaklines
    • removes Orphan points
    • increases / decreases line point density with respect to DEM information (smart line interpolation)
  2. The resulting edge graph is triangulated
    • Use the award winning TRIANGLE library as plugin (Settings -> Triangle -> Path of Triangle.EXE)
    • Or use the basic internal triangulation algorithms (leave empty:  Settings -> Triangle -> Path of Triangle.EXE)
    • The output TIN is consistent
    • Output is given as .ELE/.NODE/.POLY triangle mesh
    • Mark the ELE-2-SHP Field for additional .SHP-file output
    • .STAT-files save the mesh statistic parameters (cell area class distribution, mean values, etc. as shown in the “mesh quality” window)
    • .INI-files save the workspace and can be used for resuming projects  (File -> Open Project)
    • .GMW-files (GLOBAL MAPPER WORKSPACE) can be used to open all important project files in Global Mapper newer than Version 8. All important intermediate steps are included.
  3. The triangulation is refined
  4. Elevation values for all nodes are remapped
    • Keeps the original elevation values for all points that already have elevations
    • Adds elevations for all other points, using the DEM file or a folder with DEM-files in .BIL-Format
    • Other DEM file formats like .DEM, .ASC or .TIF have to be converted first, using the DEM conversion window.

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