Create Streamlines with Velocity Field files

Give a .VEC-file with velocity field information and a cross section as .SHP-file of the river which is almost orthogonally flow through.

The resulting streamlines are placed in the same folder as the input .VEC-file.

Velocity Vectors and Streamlines


  • Approximated discharge between 2 streamlines at the given cross section.

Attention: As TINs and 2D – models are both simplified, the discharge might have significant errors some distance up or downstream. This parameters purpose is just achieve a somehow equal distribution of the streamlines. Furthermore, it controls the number of streamlines.

  • The thin-out threshold is used to reduce the number of points of the streamlines after processing.

It’s a Douglas Peuker threshold factor, given in [m]

  • The last 2 parameters control, if streamlines are generated everywhere, or only in zones with highly inhomogenus specific flow.

If the specific flow q [m²/s] changes more than dq within the orthogonal distance s [m] this conditions are fulfilled

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