Convert .SHP files  to Triangle-files (.ELE + .NODE + .POLY)

This is not just a simple converter. It enables mapping, exclusion and substitution filters. For every single cell.

  • Add Elevation Values from DEM (if a .BIL-file or a FOLDER with multiple files is given)
  • Don’t convert cells
    • PROP >   C …  [layer property of  input .SHP-file]   >  C  [constant Value]
    • PROP <   C
    • PROP >=   C
    • PROP <=  C
    • PartOut – full or PARTial OUTside a polygon given by a shapefile
    • PartIN – full or PARTial INside a polygon
    • AllOut – ALL 3 cell nodes OUTside
    • AllIN – ALL 3 cell nodes INside
  • Add multiple Filter rules like:
    • AREA > 4000m²
    • ELEVATION > 578 m. a. s. l

Enables selective Elevation manipulation for case studies or DEM improvement.

  • Replace Elevation Values
  • Add multiple filter rules like:
    • REPLACE NodeElevation with ELEVATION Property of POLYGONFILE A
    • REPLACE NodeElevation with Z Property of POLYGONFILE B
  • Tip: Use the CORRIDOR ALONG LINE  tool to erase / insert dams, dikes or ditches

Example: Modify dike height elevations along line...

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