1D-Profile Generator

Use the 1D-Profile Generator to create 1D models along multiple given axes. Elevation is taken from .BIL-Files.

Originally designed to generate in-line 1D Models for FLUMEN it proved to be useful for other solvers as well.


  • Longitudinal discretization [m]
    • Set a cross section (cs) at least every X meters
    • If necessary the distance value X will be reduced to avoid short sections
  • Orthogonal discretization [m]
    • Take a elevation value form the DEM every Y meters
  • Maximum cross section width [m]
    • The cross section center point is the axis point
    • To the left and to the right the maximum cs extend is limited to width/2 meters
    • If a hull is given, it overrides the “width” option for the maximum extend
  • First cross section river hectometer [km]
    • Gives the river kilometer for the first cs [ default = 0 km]
    • Every further CS Label will be added according to the axis difference
    • Remember: sometimes river kilometer / hectometer labels are not real distances!
  • Reduce number of points per cross section [maximum # points]
    • Some programs like FLUMEN take a maximum of 7 points / CS
    • The cs is simplified by the Douglas Peuker algorithm.
  • Simplify hull [Threshold in m]
    • The hull shape can be simplified by the Douglas Peuker algorithm
    • This means: the simplified final line misses all points with less than Q meters distance to the final line


  • Simplified hull: “<hullfile>.thin.shp”
  • Cross sections as Esri .SHP-files: “<axisfile>.quer.shp”
  • FLUMEN 1D Model: “profile”, “axe”,”branch.lst”

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