Corridor Along Line

Draws a corridor along all line features provided in a SHP-File
This corridor is built out of multiple area features, properties of the line feature (e.g. elevation) are inherited.

Possible usage:
-  Add width / diameter to line features (e.g. streets or dikes)
-  Use Corridor to modify elevation values in DEMs along line features
-  Draw output frames along a river for printing or saving file resources
-  …

Option 1: Draws a corridor along the Original axis line without modifying anything. Use axis lines as provided

Example: Modify dike height elevations along line...

WIDTH gives the corridor width STEP gives the limit for the maximum length of a corridor area STEP = 0 for maximum possible length (no interpolation between original line points)   The real step length will mostly be bit shorter than this value to enable an equal step length CSV-FILE gives a Length / Height information added to each area Leave empty for nothing  Option 2: Simplify axis lines to reduce the number of the corridor areas

Generate sheet frames for printing...

After simplifying the axis line using the provided WIDTH as a support parameter for automatic simplification, a corridor is drawn along the simplified line. Leave STEP = 0 for a maximum possible length of each corridor part. This option does not use a additional "Length / Elevation" CSV-file

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